Dr Magliocco Bio


Diagnostic Innovations is a blog written by Dr Anthony Magliocco MD and is focused on recent issues and new innovations in diagnostic technology currently transforming and revolutionizing personalized medicine and cancer diagnostics especially in the area of molecular diagnostics.

Dr Magliocco has over 25 years experience as a Professor, Researcher, Pathologist, Laboratory Director, Consultant, Tissue Banker, and public speaker. He is Board Certified in Anatomic Pathology and has extensive experience and sub-specialty expertise in Breast, Gyn, and Molecular Pathology.  He has held continuous peer reviewed funding in translational research and his laboratory is currently investigating the mechanisms of ovarian cancer metastasis and treatment evasion.

He has founded numerous molecular diagnostic laboratories in the USA and Canada, has published over 200 manuscripts in oncology, and holds numerous diagnostic technology patents.

He is currently Chair of Anatomic Pathology at the Moffitt Cancer Center and Executive DIrector of Esoteric Laboratory Services.

He has held numerous national and international roles including Chair of Pathology for the Radiation Therapy and Oncology Clinical Trials group, member of the NCI GU steering committee, and member of the Canadian Cancer Clinical Trials Network Steering committee, as well as previous editorial position with the Journal of Surgical Oncology and is frequent reviewer for numerous other Oncology and Pathology Journals.


email tony.magliocco@gmail.com