Services- Consulting and Contract Research



Contract Research Services – Special Focus on Companion Diagnostics (C.Dx) Novel Diagnostic Technology Assessments and General Biomarker Consultation Services

Special Services include market assessment, pre market analysis, customer experience and assistance with further product development.

At LifelineDx we have special expertise with CLIA product development, regulatory and steps to deployment. We can also assist with the design of clinical biomarker assays. Our expertise covers tissue pathology, histology, immunohistochemistry, digital image analysis, molecular genetics, Liquid Biopsy, Cancer Diagnostics Screening, Breast cancer, Lung cancer,  Immunotherapy and clinical trial design.

Cancer Biomarker Study Design- Companion Diagnostics

Our team has extensive experience with companion diagnostics and have worked with some of the leading technology companies in the world. We are skilled with assay selection and study design. We also have access to a large network of global clinical trials and biobanks


Pathology Review Services

Our team has access to expert pathology services and a network of experienced and talented board certified pathology specialists



Our laboratories can produce routine histology slides and work to extract nucleic acid from tissue specimens

allan breast hp



Our laboratories are using the latest immunohistochemistry staining equipment and can perform routine stains or develop new stains for clients

her2 colon

Tissue Scanning Services and Analysis

We can also provide whole slide scanned images and perform image analysis for cases including IHC stained sections


Our Team:

Our senior consultant, Dr. Magliocco has over 25 years experience in the diagnostic laboratory industry working in government, not for profit and private laboratories in both Canada and the United States. He most recently was Chair of Anatomic  of the Moffitt Cancer Center and directed the development of the Advanced Morsani Molecular diagnostic Laboratories that include new assays for next generation sequencing, Liquid Biopsy, and Digital Image analysis. He introduced HER2 testing into Canadian laboratories and also led the efforts for KRAS and EGFR testing in a population setting.

 Dr Magliocco has extensive experience in the design and execution of clinical trials and has previously served as Chair of Pathology for the Radiation Therapy Oncology Cooperative group for over 10 years, and also was co-chair of the newly formed NRG oncology group. He currently serves on the NCI GU oncology steering committee and is a co investigator on several SWOG targeted therapy colon cancer trials including SWOG 1406 and SWOG 1613

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